those lovely days

& more to come..

the real title of this post, should be "συναισθηματικό παραλήρημα" (in greek), because I see many people around me (sometimes & myself) having emotional deliriums, there are many ups & downs for many different reasons..!!

so, to feel better, I recalled some lazy happy days with friends, 2 years before!!
the close portraits, are from my beautiful sister!!

this scene of Jean Luc Godard's movie "Vivre sa Vie" is stuck in my mind these days..
"We must think, and for thought we need words, there's no other way to think, to communicate, one must talk, that is our life."

*I will always adore this song, I will never get bored of it, it reminds me those "Mo Better" days.. & I'm very happy we all found out who is that girl that Jarvis Cocker met in St Martins!!
don't ever lose again Jarvis' show on BBC Radio 6!! 
This song for my sister please!!

photos by, Haris Stathakopoulos! 

see you soon,
take care,

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the muse and the ladybug said...

Kalokairaki...ade narthei re paidi mou!! Mo better!!Ti mou thimises!!! Exo perasei apeira vradia..prin polla xronia vevaia!

sofia said...

κι εγώ έχω δει άπειρα ξημερώματα από το Mo Better.. δεκαετία και βάλε.. !!

the muse and the ladybug said...

Kala to les dekaetia kai vale!! Po pos pernane ta xronia ta atima!! 

annie_stru said...

Beautiful Photos S.!
Your sister is so pretty!!
Looking forward for the "Sunny" days too!