the island where I left my heart
Κι αν ποτέ με ακούσετε να λέω πως θα φύγω, να μου θυμήσετε τη θάλασσα και το φως που μπαίνει απ' τα παράθυρα.

A trip to Hydra!

More pictures to come!

The song.


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up to the mountains
no words.

only smells.

the mountains are bigger than us.

two of my scarves are posing for me up there, the first one is hand dyed with the colors of the sky. Blue!!

Have a nice day!

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a small story
I met some people on my easter vacations in Thessaly, where the sea is far away & the weather is hot & dry, who taught me the meaning of giving, with your heart open, without asking back..

I want to thank them for their warmness.. & post these pictures of their beautiful home!!

the day we were leaving they said.. "From now on, this is your village" & although I already "have" a village..
now I have one more..

the song.. Beacause motherland is where it feels like home..

a very interesting episode of "protagonistes"..

A big thanks!

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I'm not by the sea like the most of my Greek friends & I admit that I'm a bit jealous..

..but I witnessed Spring's birth.. out there at the mountains!!

pollinate season.


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around here
somewhere between spring and summer..

1. morning view!!
2, 3. some samples of my scarves.. some more on the way!!
4. picnic with friends and babies!!
5. bidding farewell to our birthday girl!! & the song!!

viva la revolution!!
& Happy Easter.