photos of my day

2 photos I took earlier today.

I like them much & I wanted to share them with you..

they seem so hopeful to me.. !!

Ps: I love this 70's tiling on my grandma's kitchen!! 

Good night!!

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live by the river..

"Πὲς «πέτρα»,
ποὺ είναι άσπαστη λέξη.
Έτσι, ίσα ίσα,
νὰ βάλω έναν τίτλο
σ᾿ αὐτὴ τὴ βόλτα τὴν παραθαλάσσια."

I'm back, after some days that I spent in my hometown with my beloved friends & family 
& I'm full of optimism & good feeling !!
All the seasons were present there, spring, then autumn, then winter & then summer !!
We were living in a wonderful house, nearby an outfall of a river into the sea, 
that was almost like a fairytale!!

Days like these remind me that the only thing we need to be happy & content 
is the people we love! 

The whole scene, brings in my eyes, the poem "περιφραστική πέτρα", 
by the Greek poet, Kiki Dimoula.

hope u all felt this way!!

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ps: pastel

my new pet!!

Here I am again, after a few days out in the countryside!
stay tuned, for a big Easter photo-post!! 

See u soon!

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Pastel Love

Yesterday I went out for some shopping, after a long long time..

Although it was a rainy day, I was in a fool spring mood & all the clothes I chose were pastel & transparent pieces!!

So today it was a set up day!!

Pastel is romance.
I love pastels. not only on the clothes..
An old Polaroid picture, a sweet macaroon, a colour for Easter!
Pastel is the macarons!!!!! I really really love this delicacy!!
Pastel is the Easter!
The wall of the old house where Dimitris his beautiful artwork!!
Zabriskie point's final scene..

 *Street style photos from Elle, in Paris Fashion week!Mini drawing on the wall, mine!

Goodbye for now, enjoy your pastel days!
Take care!!

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those lovely days

& more to come..

the real title of this post, should be "συναισθηματικό παραλήρημα" (in greek), because I see many people around me (sometimes & myself) having emotional deliriums, there are many ups & downs for many different reasons..!!

so, to feel better, I recalled some lazy happy days with friends, 2 years before!!
the close portraits, are from my beautiful sister!!

this scene of Jean Luc Godard's movie "Vivre sa Vie" is stuck in my mind these days..
"We must think, and for thought we need words, there's no other way to think, to communicate, one must talk, that is our life."

*I will always adore this song, I will never get bored of it, it reminds me those "Mo Better" days.. & I'm very happy we all found out who is that girl that Jarvis Cocker met in St Martins!!
don't ever lose again Jarvis' show on BBC Radio 6!! 
This song for my sister please!!

photos by, Haris Stathakopoulos! 

see you soon,
take care,

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feel free

*feel free when I'm in the mood for nature
*feel free when I feel romantic
*feel free when I don't fill the blanks..
*feel free when I ride my bike
*felt free when I fell down once & then I got up again
**my friends & I, felt free last year with the ρα(γ)καμαφιν..
& I wish we will feel free again this year!! (this is dedicated to Haris.. he knows why..)!! 
*feel free in "έρωτας η τίποτα" because there is no translation in another language.. 
*feel free wherever you feel free
*felt free in that place then..
*feel free in this place now.

**Anafi on the logo! .. 

feel free. 

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