the "foreign" people with the"immigrant" soul

I will change the quote, "take it or leave it", to "take us or leave us", as an abstract request to the future.. aimed to a person, maybe, or ourselves, or the circumstances, we need the right timing & the willpower to change our lifes!!

Lately, I have met lot of Greek people that live overseas.. I also see many of my friends & relatives that take the chance and exit abroad.. I think that openminded people are welcomed in Greece. I love the spirit that my friends from abroad pass to me.. we all need this different "wind"..

Go out & meet each other, there are people outside that have many beautiful things to share with you!! Take the opportunity or leave it..!!

This week I'm leaving the country too, for a short term study abroad, I gonna make some textile design stuff, you know, patterns, sewing, dyeing fabrics & all these things that really makes me happy.. I'm really excited & anxious as well !!

I desire those splattered mugs, I dream them hugging my morning coffee!!

patterns, patterns, patterns (& what a lovely lookbook) !!
A beautiful tumblr, blog & name, "sophietakespictures": )

To the "foreign" people with the "immigrants" souls, donate, this song !!

see u soon,

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1st guest!!
In summer time

"Γυμνός, Iούλιο μήνα, το καταμεσήμερο. Σ' ένα στενό κρεβάτι, ανάμεσα σε δυο σεντόνια χοντρά, ντρίλινα, με το μάγουλο πάνω στο μπράτσο μου που το γλείφω και γεύομαι την αρμύρα του"..

I think it was in summer when I fell in love with him.. 
Or maybe it's just summer I keep falling in love with, every single time again & again.

Cause summer has been chosen to embrace every little piece of beauty life can excuse.

It's a destination being naively expressed by my favorite "winter" song.

It's the most beautiful words being spoken by my favorite poem .."Γυμνός Ιούλιο μήνα"..

And it's finally here, it's always been, and it's all yours no matter what.

Don't miss it

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guest session

I decided to set up a guest session in my blog. I came up with the idea when I realized how much pleasure this blog gives me!! It pretty much started as a way to express myself, communicate, share things that I like, maybe new experiences, things I create on my own or while working with other people as a team!! Thanks to my blog though, I also met some very interested people like Nileta, Angelica, Eleni, Kleo & many others!! I loved their work as much as their blogs!

So I thought why not sharing this "pleasure" with some of my "gifted" close friends ? So I offer them the chance to experience this extraordinary(!) feeling, of expressing themselves throughout my  blog, feeling free to put their own special touch on it!!

The first guest, is my dearest sister of course, who is so talented, though her demanding job, as a lawyer, doesn't let too much room for her talents, at the moment!!

I pass you on to her for one post & who knows, maybe there will be more!

I look forward to reading Natasa's post & I leave you with this song that we (me & her) sing together (..especially in summertime)!!

with love!

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meeting north


a long long distant road trip to the north, where the sea meets the pines
& becomes green & calm!
how beautiful is Greece in June when it's just you and the huge sandy beach..
7 people and the full moon!!
Lovely Thasos, with, nice friendly people!!

The song of the trip, reflects on how many years back this island took us!!

In Thasos we were few but we felt so full..
In Athens we are too many but sometimes we feel so lonely..
That's all for today!!

Let's this month fill our souls..
..with beauty!!

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