it's all about black & white..
.. & colored palm trees in my mind

a piece of poetry is always welcomed to inspire our day.. a weird day.. 

"the area dividing the brain and the soul

is affected in many ways by
experience –
some lose all mind and become soul:
some lose all soul and become mind:
some lose both and become:


Charles Bukowski

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where do you go to (part two)

an one day journey to an island could so "tricky" been "hugged" but the song..

cause on an island in September you can reconsider your life & what makes you really happy..
September gives a different mapping of the islands
the colors are different, the clouds are flying so low that you can almost touch them..
everything is easier on the island in September, everything is prettier, your mind is clear..

maybe I could live there, or maybe not.. I think I could work better there.. I'm sure about that..
it's the fresh air & the salt & the wind that makes everything more delicate..

I went there with my sister.. it was a long time since we had spent so nice moments together !!
& of course the song is for her .

It was Serifos again ..

good morning & good luck,

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where do you go to (part one)

I'm listening to this tune non stop since yesterday & I need to sing & dance it non stop all the night  ..

It is the music carpet of the final scene of the "Hotel Chevalier" short film, that I saw yesterday night !!

the stills are taken from the movie !

the post - part two will have the same music & conceptual meaning !!

this song makes me smile & look back to some specific lovely moments ..

good night

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Camus & an exhibition

I was amazed yesterday, in front of the projections above by 
Young - Hae Chang Heavy Industries, in the EMST & I realized the weight of plain sentences which they assist me entering a reasoning mood.. just go & visit ..
also their website it's fabulous !! enjoy

I love words I like playing with them & the opposite ..

that's why maybe I'm a fan reader of Camus, it's like he speaks in the place of my head, where inspiration is !!
Here is a piece from "the Stranger"..

"And I too felt ready to live my life again. As if this great outburst of anger had purged all my ills, killed all my hopes, I looked up at the mass of signs and star
s in the night sky and laid myself open for the first time to the benign indifference of the world. And finding it so much like myself, in fact so fraternal, I realised that I’d been happy, and that I was still happy. For the final consummation and for me to feel less lonely, my last wish was that there should be a crowd of spectators at my execution and that they should greet me with cries of hatred."

words with robust meanings celebrate their name day today !!
it's wisdom, hope, love & faith ..

I'm absolutely not the kind of the "name day person", but this day is unique.. I told u before, it's all about meanings ..

*credits for the last pic.. the reflection of a lamp, by Dimitris - a chance to dream underneath the moon inside your room .. !!

many kisses & thanks for the wishes !!


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the backstage of a banoffee pie

because I miss London so much lately..

I've made my favorite desert.. mini banoffee pies !!

couples on Primrose Hill are two of the best pictures I took in London !!

the courtyard of central saint martins school, by the afternoon sun! / a pair of shoes I felt in love with at Selfridges ..

and the British band Fujiya & Miyagi .. the song of the day !!  loudly please !!

when u miss something from the past it means that you've experienced it - and this is what felicity is about.

have a lovely day !!


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my autumn's done come

lovely Athens on September, first autumn breeze !!
it might sound odd but I always look forward for these days to come ..

First bike ride yesterday, so proud & glad for my Brooks saddle & my old Batavus Dutch bike!

old adidas & boyfriend's pants are always "must" ..

last but not least.. a great recipe that I'm never bored to make, fava for lunch, to welcome autumn !! Trust me & try it !!

a great song, based on the Henri Clouzot unfinished movie "L'enfer" !!
& the lyrics ..

"Kiss all the pretty ones goodbye
Give everyone a penny that cry
You can throw all my tranquil' pills away
Let my blood pressure go on its way
For my autumn's done come
My autumn's done come. Done come

Let those 'I-don't-care-days' begin
I'm tired of holding my stomach in
No more slinky folk dollars for me
I'll take Sears & Roebuck dollars gladly
For my autumn's done come
My autumn's done come. Done come"

have a nice Sebtember
all of u!!

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