analog mood

after two weeks of hard work, I'm getting relaxed..
When I'm alone at home, one of the things I really love to do, is to look at my pictures, 
old ones, new ones, whatever..
I believe that analog pictures are unexampled!!

Last year I discovered my mum's old photo camera, which is full manual!!

I was very enthusiastic, so I was hanging around with my "new" acquisition!!

Projections screens, have that postcard feeling to me. 

That smell of nostalgia and dust.. 

Yesterday, I watched a unique movie, in IFA, directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, 
"The slow Business of going", it was really amazing, for me, it was an artwork!!
At the introduction, the artist told us, that it was her degree project at the film school. 
It was a long time of ingenuity, since it took her 4 years to complete this low budget production!! you can go for a preview, here & here!! 

The  music of the film was lovely too..
Τhe projection was in the context of masterclass in the "13e Festival du Film Francophone", about Transmedia!
Transmedia is.. 

Friends' & "strangers'" lovely photo blogs / sites.. tomatopaste, room with no view, imatioθiki, cliclacboom !!

& of course Blumbango, by Dimitris Papoutsakis !! 

to summarize.. let's take any media we have, tranditional or new and create.. 


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..shine in my eyes!!

don't lose this sunny, full of spring & flowers, weekend: 
Space Blanket's Cosmic Ep live release party at BIOS!! Tomorrow!!
We'll dance all night!!
* et bien sûr,  Festival du Film Francophone!! 

The sun is here with us & we are ready for the BIG Garden Gathering!!

The song !! Let's listen some Cosmic Disco Punk!!
Space Blanket of course!! 

Have a perfect weekend you all!! 



As I have told you before (in post "9.3.12") I immensely believe in process & luck,in any part of life!
So, I started last year, making a project, for myself..It has to do (I'm using Present, because I'm still working on it!), with the body & it's expressions, influenced by  Eric Rohmer's, "La genou de Claire" !!

It was a collage, it became a "rock", then sketches, lately animation.. 
and it still goes on.. Random arising out of the process & that's what provokes my curiosity & interest!So, when the sketches on paper met my photoshop application & after a "wrong move",
it turned up to be my best picture (the first one on the post) ! 

"The most important aspects of a process are time, relationship and change."..
check Conditional Design Manifesto !!..

I'm one of those people who believe that, in an exhibition (for example), 
the set up is much more interesting, than the exhibition itself!!
the song !!


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books & flowers..

my mother is a book-eater! my parents' house is a big library!!
it didn't happen by chance..

but my love for books is different!
Artistic quality is very important for me!
I see books like pieces of art! 

Flowers on the road is a piece of art too.. 
especially when you crash into them on your way to  a unique exhibition!
Gazon Rouge Gallery, you must visit this place!
It was the house-atelier of the art critic T. Spiteris and his wife sculptor I. Spiteri.
Artistry is in the air!!

Mary Katrantzou's creations are masterpieces as well  
I loved the "Typewriter" from the new collection of Fall 2012 !!

Ν. with a paisley pattern scarf !!

Books & Flowers can make us feel free again!!

Take care!

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watch your step.. you may hit some beauty!! 

Here in Greece, when we "look down" the view is wonderful!!
colors is everywhere!!

I love maps, I think they are full of power!!
optical, historical & emotional power!!

Lena's Corwin illustrated city maps are one of my favorites!!

I believe a lot in luck & process! I will explain you very soon what I mean!!
it has to do with art & real life!!

You have to see one great performer Mona Hatoum in Onassis Cultural Centre, tomorrow!!

Have a great sunny weekend!!
Good night & Good luck!!

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a hard day's night
working hard these days & I like it much!!!!
love the Kinfolk team, their photoshoots, their gatherings!!
stay online, because a new team will pleasantly surprise you very soon!
Be creative!!
& listen to The song all day long!!

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