bang bang
Bang Bang.

It sounds like Quentin Tarantino maybe(?).. well I fully recommend you to watch Django.. amazing film, maybe his best..

I was during a kind of "smoky"(..) night when I first paid attention to this song. I was out for a drink, in small bar in Nafpaktos, listening to great music.

Everything was so blurry because of the smoke and tears came to my eyes suddenly.
It was one of those moments when you just don't know.. ..was it the song(?), was it the smoke(?), or was my mind flipping(?)..
Strange thoughts within a second & my mind was about to explode. bang bang..

Then I left the bar & the music & ran out seeking for some fresh salty air & I decided.. it's all about me. It's time for me to make the next step, I've been living in a boring bubble the last 10 years.. I should give serious thought to those lyrics of bang bang. 

.."Now he's gone, I don't know why

And 'till this day, sometimes I cry
He didn't even say goodbye
He didn't take the time to lie.

Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down"..
.. and when I say "he" I mean my conventional life.. when I had a routine, an office job & no personal life..

Today it's been over a year since I got plenty of personal life & freedom {.. not plenty of money, though} & I've started organising my free time. My scarves' job.. {..coming soon}, my love for photography..My free life is about to begin!!

..of course it was the smoke that made those tears come to my eyes but it was also him that tolerated me over the past year!! I feel that things are getting clear lately!!
Beauty is our solution.. & revolution, why not..

Here's to freedom!!

Les amours imaginaires is a film to be seen. the soundtrack of course bang bang.

don't forget our gift for you!!

one of my favorite blogs became 4yo this weekend & I wish her many many more lovely posts & photographs, Nileta is one of the most talented persons I've ever met!! & I want to dedicate her this old post of mine.. because she is a propper dancer!!

I was so chatty today, sorry about that,

a smile.

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a gift for you
As you already know, this is not a fashion blog it's more like a personal diary!!
However I'm always a big fan of some people's personal style!!

Yesterday I caught up  with my friend Dimitra at Chalandri..

{Dimitra & I used to work together in the publication's world.. for the past few years she was a very successful product manager at Vogue Hellas & not only(..) ! Today Vogue does not exist (!)..
.. in contrast to Dimitra, who is one of those gifted persons that never give up. She decided to use her talent to create some lovely jewellery!}

..we met at a palce called "Spiti Cocktail Bar" where we did a shooting of her brilliant colorful necklaces!!

Now here is a challenge for you!!
We have a give away! The winner will get to choose one of her brilliant necklaces!!

So, if you want to make yours one of those sweeties, you only have to click a like on pvl creation's fb page, on sunshine in my eyes' fb page & share the photo that you'll find here..!!
The winner will be announced next Monday, one day before Dimitra's birthday!!

scroll to the last picture where you can see all the colors of the necklaces & choose your favorite!!

Good luck to you all & don't forget that happiness comes when being creative every single day!

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akira mushi με θρας
if you ask me wich 3 clothes & accessories will be my besties in 2013.. I'll tell you..

1. my new "akira mushi" officious jacket, it is worn in 3 different ways, find out more about it at the "etsy" link bellow!
2. my oversized "μόνο θρας" t-shirt, crated by my friends, John & Anna aka CTS production, you can find it here !
3. & though it's a christmas lucky charm, I will carry it on my neck for the whole year, my Xmas Santa festive pendant by "akira mushi"!! again!!

Those two girls are really great, every single fashion piece they design is unique & desirable!!
get to know them on etsyfacebook & of course in imatiothiki!!

stick to akira mushi & thrash!!


snow makes that dreamy silence!

happy white day!

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the bridge
For me Thessaloniki was the bridge from 2012 to 2013!!

I met with good friends, I rarely see due to the distance..

..and I also met with the beauty of this city. The diversity of it's colors captured my eyes once again..

I came back with a heart filled with love & a camera full of beautiful pictures of lovely places & happy faces!!

so my 2012 photo diary is complete & my 2013 has just begun!
enjoy it!!

1. rainy train trip to Thessaloniki, one of the best trips ever!!
2,3. my best spots at Christos' house, where we stayed!! Christos except for being an amazing host, is also a great architect & photographer!!
4,5. abstract photos around the city
6. Despina!! maybe the greatest mama I've ever met!! with the most beautiful eyes..
7. traditional goodies wrapped with fancy patterns!!
8. were the Balkans meets Thessaloniki.. in Modiano's arcade, with plenty of tsipouro & Bregovic!!
9. my nike's are made for walking..

My resolution for 2013! I'll try to live simple!!
As long as you have good friends, your family, health & a little space to fall asleep you can live a happy life!

We only need love!!
the song that makes me want to scream of happiness.The clip is a scene from the movie "Home" wich is worth to be seen!

lucky happy 2013 to you all,

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