drawing summer

the last two weeks were too busy so I took a break for some tie dyeing yesterday!!

I don't have the strength to say goodbye to summer, so my inspiration were the tricky play results of my photo shooting in Anafi this summer!!

Those pictures remind me how much I love the abstract space on photos & life..

like Shabd's dyeing clothes (especially the dresses) & her blog!!

lot of love to you all

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a picture taken by d in the early morning light.

my favorite pic ever.. I'm impressed on it's simple beauty.

"Amour". breathtaking.

a song that could be the soundtrack of the movie.. 

some lyrics..


"Love does not always find a way: but gives
A promise that it cannot be destroyed:
It’s even killed and buried: yet it lives
In every heart in which it’s crucified.

Love is sheer joy. But has to suffer you
And me. It can’t avoid its Calvary.
Silent. Unseen. Transparent, pure and true,
Rich in its own reward of poverty."

with love

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new stuff

the b&w goes on.. now it's handprinted on a fabric.. improvisations on a fabric actually..
nothing permanent.. nothing temporary.. work on process..

something between Celtic stamps-planets-dots-night-fingerprints-hug me-stay-day-or leave.. no one knows.. neither I.

happy day !!

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never sorry

I first met Ai Weiwei from his famous porcelain sunflowers seeds, an installation that took part in Tate Modern in 2010 & was a symbolic movement & critique about the "Made in China" products.. You can read here a very comprehensive article about the piece..

Few days ago, at the 18th Athens International Film Festival, I watched the film, "Ai Weiwei Never Sorry".. & I was amazed !! I went out of the hall, & kept thinking how much strength we have among with fear inside ourselves that immobilize us

the film is also an opportunity for everyone to understand the dynamics of the digital media & how they can inspire & arouse people..

.. ..

"the pub" a very nice animation short film by Joseph Pierce ..

the song !!!!!!!!!!

have a nice week!!

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