she came from greece she had a thirst for knowledge

I used to hear this song when I was 16 years old & it was something like electric waves.
I was there, in their concert last year, I was there in Rockwave Festival in 1998!!
How amazing he can be!!

At the moment I take a course at Saint Martins, today was my second day,
& we went for some shopping.. & it was Liberty & Marylebone str. that stuck in my mind
& kept me thinking that London is the Capital city of fashion.. & so much textiles & fabrics
& patterns & hats (of course!).. I enjoyed it so much!!  So I'm just sharing some pictures
with u as a "garment" of my day!!

the picture on the logo is from the exhibition "E20 12: UNDER-CONSTRUCTION"
by the British photographer Giles Price which will be exhibited as part of this year's
London Festival of Architecture.

I'm sending u a rainy goodnight!!

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nileta said...

so exciting that you're in london and that you are taking this course at st. martins!
i am sure you will fill your head with even more ideas and you will come back to greece all creative!
the swimsuits you are showing us are your designs?
love the pictures you are sharing. have fun and keep posting what's happening in the fashion and music... and culture.... capital!


Cloudline Chic Flows said...

fun fun fun!! Love to see new fresh posts filled with cultivation and innovative ideas <3

I'm sendin you a happy Athenian goodnite!

sofia said...

yes Nileta!! the swimsuits are my designs, but they were only a part of a game that I did with some shapes I've done & my duvet cover!!

thank you for the wishes!!
c u soon !!

the muse and the ladybug said...

So nice pictures and swim designs!!! It must nice in london!! Have fun and be creative!!! xxx