the chalk circle
something that brought tears in my eyes & made my heart blow.. 

the caucasian chalk circle..
Labeti's voice on a play she never staged, "placed" in the Broadway theater that still works(..) though in an abandoned place as Broadway passage, in the downtown Athens.. 

"μαζί στος φως

μαζί στα σκοτεινά
κι η άβυσσος να ανοίγεται βαθιά
κι η γέφυρα σαρκοφαγωμένη
παιδάκι μου όμως άλλο δε μας μένει
ο δρόμος είναι αυτός άλλον δεν έχει."I'm a possessive person & I'm trying hard to "fix" it..

the photos that draw the movie clip were taken that night of June when Broadway theater opened its doors for the "voices" project & the Goethe Institute.. that wonderful night!

nice November
& kiss!
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Cloudline Chic Flows said...

<3 <3 <3 only Jonsi from Sigur Ror could maybe give a proper comment with his dreamingly elflike voice. I'll only marvel and send a hug!