akira mushi με θρας
if you ask me wich 3 clothes & accessories will be my besties in 2013.. I'll tell you..

1. my new "akira mushi" officious jacket, it is worn in 3 different ways, find out more about it at the "etsy" link bellow!
2. my oversized "μόνο θρας" t-shirt, crated by my friends, John & Anna aka CTS production, you can find it here !
3. & though it's a christmas lucky charm, I will carry it on my neck for the whole year, my Xmas Santa festive pendant by "akira mushi"!! again!!

Those two girls are really great, every single fashion piece they design is unique & desirable!!
get to know them on etsyfacebook & of course in imatiothiki!!

stick to akira mushi & thrash!!


Cloudline Chic Flows said...

Gimme akira gimme thrash!!! Adore this outfit post from u my lovely! Lets have more of those!! Go Sofia, go!!

Nileta Kotsikou said...

i thought the necklace was a gift to your sister?
i know, i know! akira mushi is hard to resist and hard to share!
PLUS i also agree with eleni. we need more style posts by you :)

sofia said...

jaja!! It was for my sister but I couldn't resist & just buy it again for myself!!
thank you so much girls, I promise I"ll make more style posts in the future!!
: )