the bridge
For me Thessaloniki was the bridge from 2012 to 2013!!

I met with good friends, I rarely see due to the distance..

..and I also met with the beauty of this city. The diversity of it's colors captured my eyes once again..

I came back with a heart filled with love & a camera full of beautiful pictures of lovely places & happy faces!!

so my 2012 photo diary is complete & my 2013 has just begun!
enjoy it!!

1. rainy train trip to Thessaloniki, one of the best trips ever!!
2,3. my best spots at Christos' house, where we stayed!! Christos except for being an amazing host, is also a great architect & photographer!!
4,5. abstract photos around the city
6. Despina!! maybe the greatest mama I've ever met!! with the most beautiful eyes..
7. traditional goodies wrapped with fancy patterns!!
8. were the Balkans meets Thessaloniki.. in Modiano's arcade, with plenty of tsipouro & Bregovic!!
9. my nike's are made for walking..

My resolution for 2013! I'll try to live simple!!
As long as you have good friends, your family, health & a little space to fall asleep you can live a happy life!

We only need love!!
the song that makes me want to scream of happiness.The clip is a scene from the movie "Home" wich is worth to be seen!

lucky happy 2013 to you all,

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the muse and the ladybug said...

Same city same feelings! Thesaloniki is just the best place for christmas!!

sofia said...


Cloudline Chic Flows said...

You know what Sofia, your blessed heart sees and creates beauty!
Thank you for taking us all with you in the magnificent journeys of your mind!
Sunshine in my eyes brings sunshine in my soul every single time! :)
Happy new year!

angelica said...

happy new year sophia! wish you a simple life!

Anonymous said...

You got the perfect resolution Sophia!
Blessed those who can live a sipmle and happy life. I know you can make it.
It's always a pleasure to meet and alk to you. You belong to those people that are born to be precious. Thanks for visiting!
Love is all we need. :)

sofia said...

girls thank you so much you make me really happy!!