I'm not by the sea like the most of my Greek friends & I admit that I'm a bit jealous..

..but I witnessed Spring's birth.. out there at the mountains!!

pollinate season.


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Nileta Kotsikou said...

i am anxiously waiting to see what easter looks like on the mountains.

sofia said...

coming soon Nileta!!
But I need some sea salt in my life, so, I need to see some Paros Easter pictures through your magic lens!!

Fourfourina said...

Green, yellow, white, nice people, sun, walking, laughing, trees, traditional pie, snow at the back, your scarves, little frogs, pollen everywhere...what could be better for a picnic I wonder...
Great photos S!

sofia said...

haha!! nothing else!!
Life is beautiful!!
Ps. snow at the back, sun above us..