books & flowers..

my mother is a book-eater! my parents' house is a big library!!
it didn't happen by chance..

but my love for books is different!
Artistic quality is very important for me!
I see books like pieces of art! 

Flowers on the road is a piece of art too.. 
especially when you crash into them on your way to  a unique exhibition!
Gazon Rouge Gallery, you must visit this place!
It was the house-atelier of the art critic T. Spiteris and his wife sculptor I. Spiteri.
Artistry is in the air!!

Mary Katrantzou's creations are masterpieces as well  
I loved the "Typewriter" from the new collection of Fall 2012 !!

Ν. with a paisley pattern scarf !!

Books & Flowers can make us feel free again!!

Take care!

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annie_stru said...

Lovely post S.!
I totally agree with you.. I see books like pieces of art, especially the vintage ones with worn pages & embossed decorated hardcovers..

the muse and the ladybug said...

i buy books when i like the cover and the colors! i have books i have never read, but i bought them just because i liked them on the outside! like seeing art! once again lovely photos!
oh and i saw you added my blog! but the link is not working! something went wrong!thank you!im so glad you liked it!

sofia said...

I'm gonna fix it right now!! : )