a saturday walk around
On Saturday I had the most tasteful burger ever, in the best vegan shop, located in the center of Athens! The Bamboo Vegan!!

It was a great experience! I ordered the lentils-beets burger made by the multitalented designer Christina by "Greece is for Lovers" and was so absolutely delicious!!

I left the shop with the best impression and a "next level"cooking goal.. to make my own homemade vegan mayo!! (the one I tasted in that place, was really yummy)..

illustrations on second picture by Kickass Graphics..

Wandering around the city on foot, in a sunny Saturday with friends, is always a bright idea!!

Have a nice & cozy Sunday afternoon!!

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Nileta Kotsikou said...

heads up for the last two pictures.
your socks.
and the lamb's saying.

burgers seem yummy.
though i cannot imagine what could beat a beef burger.

sofia said...

Nileta, you cannot imagine how much better, than beef burger, this vegan one was.. I promise to make a spring vegan burger party at my place and you will be my guest!!

The socks are really nice, you can find them at oysho!!


Anonymous said...

I think the secret to a great vegan burger is to take away the bread ;) though the other day I tried a haloumi, sweet potato and pepper burger that was out of this world ! xx

krysta said...

Great photos! I can't believe I haven't visited this place yet.

sofia said...

Hi, Krysta!! Thank you for liking my pictures!! This place is realy amazing, you have to visit it!!